Frequently Asked Questions

Reserving a Workshop

On the form for the Workshop you wish to participate in, simply select the Module as well as the date of your choice and follow the reservation process.
To complete your Workshop or Module in English/French, simply go to the Workshop form in English/French.

Yes, you may combine as many Modules as you like from any of the available Workshops on the site.

You may absolutely reserve your Workshops and dates up to several months in advance. On the descriptive form for the Workshop you wish to participate in, you simply have to select the Module of your choice and the participation date that suits you best based on what is available.

For organizational reasons, however, please note that reservations will close 48 hours before each Workshop’s start date.

For obvious reasons of respect for personal and organizational information, it is not possible to make a reservation for someone other than yourself. Each person has the individual responsibility to divulge their personal information.
However, it is possible to gift as many Modules and Workshops as you like to any person of your choice via the “Gift” page on the site.

Anyone at least 18 years old may participate, without an age limit.

Once you have selected a Module for your cart, your spot and date are saved for 30 minutes so that you can comfortably complete your purchase.
Please note that after this period, your spot will automatically be removed from your cart. You will have to add it to your cart again, or choose another Workshop date if your spot is no longer available.

After your payment, you will receive an email at the address provided containing a link to a Smartsheet form to be filled out with necessary information for the Workshop to run smoothly (don’t forget to check your spam folder).

Your reservation will be completely confirmed once you have filled out and sent back this form.

Yes, you may absolutely change the date of your reservation directly after your payment or later via your client account.

However, please note that reservations will close 48 hours before each Workshop’s start date and will no longer be able to be changed.

Workshops can in no way replace individual therapeutic support.
Their purpose is personal development in a group, using various approaches and becoming familiar with available tools. However, they are perfectly compatible, even complimentary, with personal therapeutic support.

Gifting a Workshop

To gift a Workshop to one or more people, without necessarily even signing up yourself, simply go to the “Gift” page on the site and select the Workshop or the Module of your choice. This Workshop or Module will be added to your cart in the form of an individual anonymous Gift Card.

After completing the payment process, you will receive an email with a summary of your order. A second email with the personalized Gift Card will be sent to you within 24 hours. You will then be responsible for sending it to the person(s) concerned by the method of your choice (via email or a printed document, whichever best suits your needs).

In the description for the relevant Gift Card, simply select the Module and the language of your choice in the drop-down menu. Then you will receive the Gift Card in your selected language.
Example: In description for the relevant Workshop, I will select Module 1 — EN. Then I will receive the Gift Card in English. The Gift Card recipient may then choose the Workshop dates that directly on the site as well as the language in which they wish to participate.

I received a Gift Card

Simply go to the FiX-it Workshop page and add the Module or Workshop matching your Gift Card to your cart. Choose the language you wish to participate in, as well as your preferred date, then enter the reservation code linked to your Card before completing your purchase.

The client account on the FiX-it site allows you to manage your orders, reservations, and personal information. The personal information that you share, even when using a Gift Card, allows the FiX-it Team to provide you with personalized follow-ups and to send you all necessary information so the Workshop runs smoothly.

Reservation codes

Simply fill in your reservation code in the box provided within the cart and update it for the discount to appear.