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François-Xavier Pradon

Being committed to therapeutic counseling over the years, I have counseled numerous life histories, and these have allowed me to further develop my understanding of the subtle details of the human mind. It is this sincere commitment that makes it possible for me to guide those individuals seeking counseling to make concrete changes and progress in their daily existence.




27 January 2022

A Taoist principle says that every encounter is the right encounter and I think this perfectly summarizes the story of my meeting François-Xavier.
Finding words that could reflect the gratitude I have for this man is difficult for me because I owe him so much for the path that I’ve been on since my first session where I found in front of me not a shrink but a highly compassionate and gifted human being who goes well beyond conventional structures which to me is his strength and originality.
I just want to tell you François-Xavier thank you for everything you do every day, you are and will forever be someone who has changed my life.