The Transgenerational Approach

It is common for our personal life story to be partially “remote controlled”, in a very unconscious way by some of our ancestors (parents, grandparents, the generations before them…). Tracing these memories of the past enables us to better comprehend the present and even more so: to no longer recreate the same undesirable patterns in the future.

Studying your Genealogy (family trees), Decoding Genealogical Behavioral Neuroscience (somatization) or Family Constellations will enable you to integrate your true identity by sorting through what you feel belongs in your existence and what you are subconsciously dependent upon so that you can be free.

Life Coaching

 Life Coaching can consist of tailored individual care, and of strong personalized support, in a person’s own life (at home, in the workplace, at school, in their social life…).

It can help you to get into shape for a sports event (match, tournament…), a one-time exam (driver’s permit, graduation exam, competition…), but it can also help you change your attitude and point of view in life in order to succeed in what you set out to do.
This approach is solution-oriented and will deal with issues directly, minimizing as much as possible anything that is not directly related to the problem at hand, which makes it an excellent support for businesses, in particular.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a very fun and fascinating tool that identifies 9 personality types and highlights the strong points of each individual, but without measuring or comparing their value.

Learn to accurately identify your operating system, your defense system, your darker areas as well as what revitalizes you, so that you can be more aware of them and significantly improving your life, by interacting better with others, in any circumstance.

Transactional Analysis

Learn how to know yourself better in order to understand yourself better, understand yourself better in order to accept yourself better, accept yourself better in order to accept others better.

Transactional Analysis studies the way in which we “conduct” our interactions with others so that we can better understand them and better position ourselves. “Which part of myself is truly speaking when I’m expressing myself?”…“And which part of others am I truly speaking to?”…“Will they more or less understand what I’m trying to awkwardly convey?”…”Do I have a tendency to place myself as savior/as victim/as persecutor…?”…


NLP is a particularly useful tool that enables you to greatly improve your communication skills (verbal and non-verbal). It is a quick and easy method to make improvements that will last.

This approach allows you to make quick progress, all while respecting your deepest desires, your integrity, as well as your environment. It encourages you to express yourself clearly, accurately, and with precision. It is a powerful tool that enables you to overcome undesirable behaviors efficiently and for the long term.

Dream Analysis

Our unconscious speaks to us in many ways, perhaps the most elaborate (and to us often craziest) being through our dreams.

Dream Analysis is a magnificent path for therapeutic and psychoanalytic approach. Analyzing and decoding dreams is to converse with our unconscious, to shine a light on what our deepest Self is trying to express, and to know ourselves more in order to grow in our consciousness.

Analytical Sophrology

Sophrology is a technique focused on relaxing the body and mind. It seeks balance, gradually restoring communication between body and mind in order to maximize our potential. The analytic dimension that structures a session will enable you to find more and more meaning in what you’ve already experienced.

It is a very efficient and progressive relaxation tool that uses breathing, pleasant bodily sensations, visualization… It enables you to connect with your internal energy so that you can be in harmony with yourself and your life.
This technique is proven particularly useful in helping with problems linked to stress or anxiety (companies, top athletes…). I have also had excellent results incorporating Sophrology as part of Preparing for Childbirth with future mothers, as well as with future fathers.