Introduction to the Enneagram

Based on 9 unique personality types, the Enneagram allows us to better position ourselves in any circumstance by using an in-depth knowledge of our general behavior as well as that of the other personality types.

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All times shown for each Workshop refer to the Paris time zone (UTC+1).
It is therefore necessary to stay informed of and anticipate possible time differences based on geography, as well as any additional time differences based on local or one-off time changes.

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Excerpt from the Code of Ethic:

[…] participants of all Workshops are subject to total and absolute discretion. Compassionate communication is also required to participate in these Workshops. Each participant therefore agrees to converse in a courteous manner. Such communication entails the following: not disrespecting Oneself, not disrespecting Others, and respecting the structure that each person deserves and to which each participant aspires, consents, and fully engages themselves. […]
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