Gift card – Introduction to Sophrology

Through this 4-Module Workshop, I will introduce you to Sophrology combined with an Analytical dimension, which will help you interact with others smoothly and bring you out of your shell for the long term.

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Workshop presentation


Module 1 : 160€
Module 2 : 160€
Module 3 : 160€
Module 4 : 160€


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You may choose to receive your Gift Card in English or French depending on the person receiving the offer.
The Gift Card recipient may personally choose the Workshop dates and their preferred participation language when they make their reservation on the site.
All times shown for each Workshop refer to the Paris time zone (UTC+1). The Gift Card recipient may participate regardless of location.
It is therefore necessary to stay informed of and anticipate possible time differences based on geography, as well as any additional time differences based on local or one-off time changes.

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Excerpt from the Code of Ethics:

[…] participants of all Workshops are subject to total and absolute discretion. Compassionate communication is also required to participate in these Workshops. Each participant therefore agrees to converse in a courteous manner. Such communication entails the following: not disrespecting Oneself, not disrespecting Others, and respecting the structure that each person deserves and to which each participant aspires, consents, and fully engages themselves. […]
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